• Arts-Based Group Work

    Arts-Based Group Work

  • Artis-Based Group Work

    Artis-Based Group Work

  • Arts-Based Group Work

    Arts-Based Group Work

HAP Community of Practice

The on-line HAP Community of Practice was established in June 2020 to connect helping professionals, teachers, students, researchers, and others who are interested in facilitating HAP. Learn more.

Welcome! This website promotes our research exploring the benefits of arts-based mindfulness group work for the improvement of resilience & self-esteem in marginalized children and youth.

Through our research, we developed a fun and effective 12-week arts-based mindfulness group program that engages children and youth in a strengths-based & meaningful helping process. The program is called HAP (Holistic Arts-Based Program). HAP was recently published in its entirety in: Facilitating Mindfulness: A Guide for Human Service Professionals

Arts-based mindfulness activities teach children how to pay attention; use their imaginations; identify and express their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors; and develop their strengths.

Our program helps young people to:

  • improve self-awareness and to feel better about themselves
  • learn the healthy expression of feelings and improve emotion regulation
  • develop more effective coping strategies at home and school.
HAP Map HAP Session
download a conceptual map of HAP download a diagram that describes a typical HAP group session

In September 2016 we started facilitating HAP with youth aged 11-17 years old who are experiencing challenges with schooling. This project will end in December 2020 and is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. 



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